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Roberto Torres is a follower of Christ, husband to Jessica, and father to 5. Roberto has spent over 20 years helping organizations manage their technology infrastructure.

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Most recently my focus has been on helping local businesses grow through local marketing.

What is known as The Local Multiplier Effect, has shown that communities are directly effected by the success and failure of the businesses in their community.

This led me to write my first book called, The Local Marketing Handbook, and to offer web consulting, and SEO services to businesses.


I do not enjoy talking about myself but if you must know. Most everything I do, I try show to the kindness and patience that has been shown to me by the same Jesus found in the scriptures. Yes, I know, that makes me one of those weird Christians.

My wife Jessica and I have 5 very loud, but very wonderful children and currently we live in Massachusetts.

I have spent 20+ years helping organizations manage their technology infrastructure both on premise and in the cloud.

In 2018 I went full time into freelance web consulting and marketing and have not looked back.

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